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Information Bomb

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Trump’s Appointments

The past year’s political events, especially the campaign for the presidency as it converged on a contest between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, have illuminated the way in which ideology, with the identity politics that springs from it, drives a dialectical process: political domination creates resentment, which feeds reaction and, on occasion, revolution against a previously entrenched ruling class and its belief system.

   The various interest groups and institutions linked with the espousal of political correctness—in short, Hillary’s base—had become more and more pervasive

The Burning Desire To Spit Out Political Correctness Like a Dead Fish

and intrusive for fifty years or so. No doubt the members of this ideological bloc took for granted that they could, and would, only march toward greater and greater power over the populace until that glorious day when the last remnants of the old, despised social order, including the belief systems that supported it, would be crushed once and for all beneath the wheel of history that they had insisted on giving a boost lest the inexorable “progress” be slowed or—perish the thought—halted.

   Meanwhile, however,  the scores of millions of Americans whose ideas and social actions did not comport with the progressive agenda grew more and more resentful, but the political process failed to cough up a champion who would, and could effectively, lead a counter-revolution by the “deplorables” against the detested cultural and political establishment.

    Enter Trump, seemingly on a lark, because his manner of speaking and campaigning amounted to little more than thumbing his nose at political correctness and its adherents. Yet, no doubt to the surprise of the Clinton camp, he elicited an enthusiastic and growing response from millions of people united by little more than resentment and, in some cases, hatred of their self-anointed betters. This kind of popular rebellion was not supposed to happen; the deplorables were supposed to recognize that they were on the losing (more…) (For a much longer, more academic discussion along similar lines, see the recent article by Angelo M. Codevilla.)

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Ideology, Identity Politics, and Politico-Cultural Conflict

An effective form of suppression and control is the co-optation of the so-called “progressive left” in such a way that self-described “progressives” or “leftists” find themselves unwittingly supporting terrorism.

    Well-documented facts pertaining to the 9/11 wars, all supported by sustainable evidence, have (more…)

By Bob Higgs